Biography of Queen Boudicca

Queen Boudicca

Queen Boudicca was an ancient Queen in England who fought against the Roman Empire.

When and Where was Boadicea (Boudicca) Born? 

Around 30 A.D.

Family Background:

Queen Boadicea (pronounced Boudicca) was Wife of Prasutagus, King of the Iceni, an ally of Rome. The Iceni tribe hailed from Norfolk, Suffolk and part of Cambridgeshire.


By members of the Iceni tribe.

Chronology of Boadicea:

AD 60: Her Husband Prasutagus died leaving his fortune jointly to his daughters and the Roman Emperor Nero. The Romans then annexed and pillaged all the Iceni territory. Boudicca was flogged and her daughters raped.

The Iceni rebelled led by Boudicca and they destroyed Camulodunum (present day Colchester), the market town of Londinium (present day London) and Verulamium (present day St. Albans). They are also said by Tacitus to have destroyed the Ninth Roman Legion in battle killing up to 70,000 Romans and civilians.

The Roman governor of Britannicus, Suetonius Paulinus, who was away at the time of the attack in Mona (present day Anglesey) returned in haste, rallied his troops and overwhelmed the Iceni at the Battle of Watling Street slaughtering up to 80,000 tribesmen for the loss of only 400 Roman dead.

When and Where Did she Die? 

60 or 61 AD, Fenny Stratford, England. Legends have it that she either died of shock or took poison.

Age at Death:



To Prasutagus, King of the Iceni.

Site of Grave:

Reputedly on the site under platform 12, Kings Cross Railway Station, London, England.

Places of Interest:


Boadicea monument
Monument to Boudicca near Westminster Bridge, 
Embankment, London (copyright Anthony Blagg)


British Museum



Then known as Verulamium which was one of the towns Boudicca’s army went to sack.