Biography of W.G. Grace

W.G. Grace

W.G. Grace was a famous nineteenth century cricketer as well as being a qualified doctor.

When and Where was he Born?

18th July 1848. North Street, Downend, (Near Bristol) Gloucestershire, England.

Family Background:

William Gilbert Grace was one of five brothers of a surgeon.


Trained as a doctor.

Timeline of W.G. Grace:

Grace is considered to be the first truly great cricketer of modern times and eventually became a national hero.

1865: Maiden appearance in the Gentlemen versus Players match.

1869: Grace became a Member of the Marylebone Cricket Club.

1870: He began playing first class cricket for Gloucestershire.

1871: W.G. Grace scored 2,739 runs in the season.

1873: He marries Agnes Nicholls Day.

1876: He scored 344 runs in one innings for the Marylebone Cricket Club.

1879: He took his medical degree and opened a Practice in Bristol but still continued to play cricket.

1880: Grace took part in the England side against Australia captained by Lord Harris.

1882: He played in the England side captained by A.N. Hornby.

1895: He achieved his 120 first Class centuries.

1899: Left Gloucestershire Cricket Club.

1908: Grace finished playing first class cricket at the age of 60 by which time he had scored 126 Centuries, a total of 54,896 runs, had taken 2,864 wickets and played in 22 Test Series.

When and Where did he Die?

23rd October 1915. London, England.

Age at Death:



1873 to Agnes Nicholls Day.

Site of Grave:

Beckenham Cemetery, Elmes End Road, Beckenham, Kent.

Places of Interest:


Lord’s Cricket Ground.