Biography of Charles Babbage

Photo of Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage was a nineteenth century mathematician and seen as the founder of computing.

When and Where was Charles Babbage Born?

26th December 1791, 44 Crosby Row, Walworth Road, London, England.

Family Background:

Charles Babbage was the son of Benjamin Babbage, a partner in the banking firm of Praed, Mackworth and Babbage.


Privately and Trinity and St. Peter’s College, Cambridge. Graduated 1814.

Timeline of Charles Babbage:

1792: Babbage was baptised at St. Mary’s Newington, London on 6th January.i1808: His family move into the old Rowdens House in East Teignmouth, Devon. His father becomes a warden of the nearby St. Michael’s Church.

1812: Babbage founds the Analytical Society of Cambridge with John Herschel and George Peacock. His ambition is to eliminate errors in astronomical and mathematical tables by manufacturing machines that calculate and print without any human intervention.

Dudmaston Hall
Dudmaston Hall, Quatt, near Bridgnorth, Shropshire owned by his father in law 
and where Babbage designed the central heating system whilst living there  (copyright Anthony Blagg)

1827: Deaths of Babbage’s wife, father and two of his sons.

1814: He marries Georgiana Whitmore on 25th July at St. Michael’s Church,Teignmouth, Devon.

1834: First manufacture of Babbage’s computer or “Difference Engine” which achieved automatic printing.

When and Where did he Die?

18th October 1871, London, England.

Age at Death:


Written Works:

1834:  “Economy of Machines.”


On 25 July 1814, to Georgiana Whitmore at St. Michael’s Church,Teignmouth, Devon of renal inadequacy, secondary to cystitis.

Site of Grave:

Kensal Green Cemetery, Kensal Green, London.

Places of Interest:


The Elizabethan House and Museum, 70 Fore Street, Totnes holds display on his life and work.


Science Museum, South Kensington has a model of the first counting engine.


Dudmaston Hall, Quatt, near Bridgnorth.