Famous Thirsty Brummies

A bit like Marmite you either love them or hate them and some say the same goes for their boss, but Wetherspoons pubs certainly know how to make the best of buildings which would have otherwise fallen into disuse. Many of them also have interesting names relating to local people from the past or show artefacts or illustrations about the area they are situated in.

Wetherspoons are opening a brand new £2.4 million pub at New Street Station, Birmingham on the 22nd November 2022 called The London & North Western, after the famous old railway, which will pay homage to the city’s industrial pioneers. A series of old photographs showcasing the geniuses who kick started the industrial revolution and the famous Lunar Society will decorate the walls. The pub will be accessible from within the Grand Central shopping complex.

Among the many industrialists featured of interest to Britain Unlimited readers are James Watt, John Baskerville, George Stephenson, Matthew Boulton and Joseph Priestley. Their photographs will be exhibited alongside various other types of pictures, from advertisements of the era through to timetables and maps.

So visitors can now do a spot of learning alongside their pleasure.