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Biography of Graham Hill

Photo of Graham Hill

Norman Graham Hill was a twentieth century motor racing world champion.

When and Where was he Born?

15th February 1929.

Family Background:

Graham Hill came from a family of non-affluent working class people.


Hendon technical College. Universal Motor Racing Club, Brands Hatch.

Timeline of Graham Hill:

Graham Hill drove in a record 176 motor racing Grand Prix events. He won over 20.

1955: He marries Bette Shubrook who was to have the distinction of being a wife and a mother of Formula 1 World Champions. As he had spent all his money on racing Bette paid for the wedding.

1960-1966: Hill drives for BRM (British Racing Motors). The family live in Mill Hill in London.

1962: Hill wins the Dutch Grand Prix, his first major race. He becomes Formula One World Champion at the end of the season.

1963: He wins the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte Carlo.

1964: He wins the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte Carlo again.

1965: Hill wins the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte Carlo for the third successive year.

Silverstone Circuit
Silverstone Racing Circuit, Northamptonshire (copyright Anthony Blagg)

1966: He wins the Indianapolis 500 in the USA.

1967: Hill rejoins the Lotus Team.

1968: Graham Hill becomes Formula One World Champion for the second time. He also wins the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte Carlo again.

1969: He wins the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte Carlo once more.

1972: He wins the Le Mans (24 Hour) race in France.

1975: Hill starts his own motor racing team, called Embassy Racing.

When and Where did he Die?

29th November, 1975, when the small plane he was piloting with his racing team crashed onto Arkley Golf Course, Elstree, near London in thick fog.

Age at Death:



1955: To Bette Shubrook.

Site of Grave:

Funeral service at St. Albans Abbey and then cremation at Garston Crematorium. His ashes were buried at St. Botolph’s Church, Shenley. The church has been deconsecrated and turned into a private house and garden.
There is a memorial at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana, USA.

Places of Interest:


National Motor Museum, Bealieu.


There is an English Heritage Blue Plaque on the house where the family lived in Mull Hill during the 1960’s.