Biography of John Galsworthy

Photo of John Galsworthy

John Galsworthy was an early twentieth century novelist famous for the “Forsyte Saga”.

When and Where was he Born?

14th August 1867, Kingston Hill, Coombe, Surrey, England.

Family Background:

John Galsworthy was the son of a wealthy solicitor.


Harrow School. New College, Oxford.

Timeline of John Galsworthy:

1890-1895: Galsworthy practices as a barrister.

1895: He becomes a full time writer.

1897: Publication of his first collection of short stories “From the Four Winds.” He publishes early work under the pseudonym of John Sinjohn.

1892: John Galsworthy meets Joseph Conrad.

1905: He marries Ada Pearson, the divorced wife of his first cousin.

1906: He meest with his first real success with his play “The Silver Box”. Later on in the year “The Man of Property”, a novel was published which introduced the world to the Forsyte Saga.

1910: He publishes a play “Justice” which deals with poverty and class injustice. Galsworthy was quite radical and supported prison reform and votes for Women.

1914: At the outbreak of the First World War he was too old to fight and so works in a home for disabled soldiers. He also allows his own home to become a rest home for soldiers who were recovering from the effects of the war.

1929: He receives the Order of Merit.

1932: John Galsworthy wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

When and Where did he Die?

31st January 1933, Grove Lodge, Hampstead, London, England from a brain tumour.

Age at Death:


Written Works:

1897: “From the Four Winds”.
1898: “Jocelyn”.
1901: “Man of Devon”.
1902: “Rubein”.
1904: “The Island Pharisees”.
1906: “The Man of Property (First Novel in the “Forsyte Saga”). “The Silver Box”.
1907: “The Country House”.
1909: “Fraternity”. “Strike”.
1911: “The Patrician”.
1912: “Justice”.
1913: “The Dark Flower”.
1915: “A Bit o’ Love”.
1920: “The Skin Game.” “In Chancery” (Forsyte Novel).
1922: “Loyalties”. First publication of the “Forsyte Saga as a set.
1924: “The White Monkey”.
1926: “Escape”. “The Silver Spoon”.
1928: “Swan Song”.
1929: “A Modern Comedy”.
1930: “Soames and Flag”. “On Forsyte Change”. “Two Essays as Conned”.
1931: “Maid in Waiting”.
1932: “Flowering Wilderness”.
1933: “Over the River”.
(1934): “End of the Chapter”. The Collected Histories of the Charwells. (Rural cousins of the Forsytes).


1905 to Ada Pearson, the divorced wife of his first cousin.

Site of Grave:

Highgate “New” Cemetery, Highgate, London, England.

Places of Interest:


The British Library.