Top Tens

Here we list to top ten names which were read in previous years since 2016. Some names crop up frequently others only once. (Most popular names are listed first then in descending order).

2023: T.S. Eliot. John Donne. John Milton. King Arthur. John Keats. H.G. Wells. Robert Hooke. William Blake. John Dryden. Ben Jonson.

2022: John Milton. Robert Hooke. John Donne. John Keats. John Baskerville. King Arthur. Grace Darling. T.S. Eliot. H.G. Wells. Ben Jonson.

2021:  John Milton. John Donne. H.G. Wells. Grace Darling. Richard Burton. King Arthur. John Baskerville. Ben Jonson. George Eliot. William Blake

2020: Grace Darling. H.G. Wells. John Donne. King Arthur John Milton. Lewis Carroll. John Baskerville. Florence Nightingale. George Cadbury. Graham Sutherland.

2019: Lewis Carrolll. William Wordsworth. Grace Darling. Thomas Arne. William Pitt the Elder. William Armstrong. Abraham Darby. Florence Nightingale. George Cadbury. George Eliot.

2018: William Armstrong. Grace Darling. John Baskerville. John Masefield. Mary Shelley. Robert Clive. Mary Wollstonecraft. Florence Nightingale. Lewis Carroll. Lord Nuffield (removed).

2017: Grace Darling. William Wordsworth. Richard Arkwright. Edward Burra. E.M. Forster. Florence Nightingale. Abraham Darby. Sir Francis Bacon. Christopher Wren. George Cadbury.

2016: Christopher Wren. Booby Moore. George Cadbury. Beatrix Potter. Florence Nightingale. William Armstrong. John Loudon McAdam. Mary Wollstonecraft. Paul Nash. Oliver Goldsmith.

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