Tours around Great Britain

This page aims to provide information about the many specialist tours and tour operators within Great Britain.

The following is covered:

Coach Tours: Train Tours: Guided Walks: Local Bus Tours: Tourist Information Offices:


Coach tours are often a good way to enjoy different regions of Britain. These can be booked via local travel agents or direct with the individual coach company. Accommodation is often organised as part of the package price but can be organised separately. Some tours (where stated) will include entry into museums and places of interest where these are chargeable.
Possible road traffic congestion throughout Great Britain can be found on the Frixo site which uses live traffic sensors and is updated every three minutes.

There are specialist company that provide train tours throughout the United Kingdom from very expensive week long tours of the Scottish Highlands with first class dining and often steam locomotives included to day excursion to particular locations, often, but not exclusively starting from London main line terminals. A quick a search engine look-up of railway tours in Great Britain will point you on your way.


Guided walks can often be booked to find out the facts about the place you are visiting. Bona Fide personnel are regulated and should be designated Green or Blue Badge Guides. Tourist Information Offices in a local town will have full details of times and prices.


Companies such as Guide Friday operate bus tours in many major towns and cities during the Spring to Autumn period. These take in all the major attractions and places of interest. Details can be found by contacting the local Tourist Information Office or the Company direct.


The Tourist Information service operates offices throughout the country organised on a regional basis. Local literature on travel, things to do and places to stay is often available in Tourist Information Centres in major towns or tourist spots. Please contact the relevant office.

The major regions are:


Northern England
Central England
South West
South East

Northern Ireland

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