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Fifteenth Century Timeline (1400-to-1499)

Britain Unlimited “Timelines” show the birth and deaths of the 250 famous British people covered in this site, together with the works they were associated with as well as other significant historical events of the time.

Era of King Henry the Fourth (1399-1413)

1400: Death of Geoffrey Chaucer on the 25th October.

1401: Owen Glendower charged with treason by Lord Grey. A new Act comes into force which allows the burning of heretics.

1403: Owen Glendower was defeated near Carmarthen. Battle of Shrewsbury on the 21st July.

1404: Owen Glendower by now had gained overall control of Wales and taken control Harlech Castle.

1407: Major outbreak of plague.

1409: Harlech Castle recaptured by the English and Owen Glendower’s wife, daughter and grandchildren taken prisoner.

Era of King Henry the Fifth (1413-1422)

1414: The Lollard Rising.

1415: Battle of Agincourt on the 25th October.

1416: Death of Owen Glendower.

1417: Institution of the Garter King of Arms. An English army is victorious at the Battle of Caen.

1420: At the Treaty of Troyes King Henry is guaranteed the French throne after the death of Charles the Sixth of France.

Henry the sixth: (First Part 1422-1461)

1422: Birth of William Caxton.

1429: Joan of Arc helps relieve Orleans and France itself from the English.

1431: Joan of Arc is burned as a witch in Rouen and King Henry the Sixth is crowned King of France.

1440: Foundation of Eton College by the King for the education of the poor.

1451: Foundation of Glasgow University.

1455-85: The Wars of the Roses.  

1455: Battle of St. Albans on the 22nd May.

1460: King Henry 6th is captured at the Battle of Northampton on the 10 July. Battle of Wakefield on the 30th December.

Era of King Edward the Fourth (First Part 1461-1470)

1461: Battle of Towton on the 29th March.

1469: The Shetland Isles become part of Scotland.

1470: Thomas Malory writes “L’ Morte D’Arthur”.

Era of King Henry Sixth (Second Part 1470-1471)

1471: On April 14 Yorkists defeat the Lancastrians at the Battle of Barnet and kill the Earl of Warwick. (as part of the wars of the Roses). Edward the Fourth seizes the throne of England.

Era of King Edward the Fourth (Second Part 1471-1483)

1471:  Battle of Tewkesbury on the 4th May. King Edward the Fourth defeats a Lancastrian Army and kills Edward, Prince of Wales.

1474: William Caxton prints the first book in English “The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye” at Bruges.

1475: Birth of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

1476: William Caxton sets up a printing press in Westminster.

1477: Birth of Sir ThomasMore on the 7th February. William Caxton made the first printing of Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”.

1480: William Caxton prints “The Chronicles of England”.

Era of King Edward the Fifth (1483)

1483: Lord Protector Richard assumes the throne from the twelve year old Edward before he could be crowned.

Era of King Richard Richard the Third (1483-1485)

1484: The College of Arms is formally incorporated by Royal Charter on the 2nd March and signed by King Richard III of England.

Era of King Henry the Seventh (1485-1509)

1485: Battle of Bosworth Field on the 22nd August. Richard is the last English King to die in battle and Henry Tudor assumes the throne. Birth of Hugh Latimer. William Caxton makes first printing of “L’Morte D’Arthur” by Malory. The Yeoman of the Guard is formed.

1486: The Houses of York and Lancaster are united at last by the marriage between King Henry and Elizabeth of York.

1487: The Battle of Stoke Field. Henry defeats Lambert Simnell who is posing as the Yorkist Earl of Warwick. Star Chamber is created by the King.

1491: Death of William Caxton.

1494: Poyning’s Law is passed restricting the Irish Parliament.

1495: Perkin Warbeck fails to take Waterford in Ireland.

1498: Cardinal Wolsey is ordained as a priest at Marlborough.

1499: Desiderius Erasmus visits London. Perkin Warbeck is hanged in the Tower of London.

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