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The Kingdom of Scotland developed as an independent sovereign state in its own right in the early Middle Ages and continued to exist until 1707 when the new New Kingdom of Great Britain was formed. In 1603 however King James the Sixth of Scotland became King James the First of England after Queen Elizabeth the First of England died childless. So the current British monarchy are direct descendants of the Scottish royal house and some nationalists north of the border refuse to call the present Queen Elizabeth the Second as they say Elizabeth the First was not a Queen of Scots (or Britain) but only of England and therefore she must be Queen Elizabeth the First of Britain. (if you find this confusing then the histories of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in their own right are fascinating and complex to say the very least.

Please click on the name of the Scottish Person that you require more information on below:

Robert AdamCharles Lyell
John Logie BairdJohn Loudon McAdam
Alexander Graham BellCharles Rennie Mackintosh
Robert the BruceRob Roy MacGregor
John BuchanJames Clerk Maxwell
Robert BurnsSir Walter Scott
Thomas CarlyleAdam Smith
Sir Arthur Conan DoyleRobert Louis Stevenson
Alexander FlemingThomas Telford
David HumeSir William Wallace
David LivingstoneJames Watt