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Ireland is an Island which is part of the British Isles group and sits to the west of England, Wales and Scotland. Only Northern Ireland is currently part of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in the South with its capital in Dublin has been a separate state since 1921. Technically Ireland hasn’t been part of Britain but after the Norman Conquest in the Twelfth Century England claimed sovereignty over Ireland. It wasn’t until the Tudor Period in the sixteenth century that English rule covered the whole island. The people below being born on the island of Ireland before 1921 are considered British. Please choose the name you require below for further information.

Francis BaconGeorge Bernard Shaw
George BerkeleyRichard Brinsley Sheridan
Robert BoyleLaurence Sterne
Edmund BurkeJonathan Swift
Oliver GoldsmithDuke of Wellington (Sir Arthur Wellesley)
William KelvinOscar Wilde
Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

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