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This site was created in 2000 by Anthony Blagg who now lives in Hexham, Northumberland, England with his wife Sheila. They lived for many years in Birmingham and Worcestershire. 

Sheila and Anthony worked in the information industry for over thirty-five years and have a passion for Great Britain in all its historic and eccentric richness. (They ran away to Scotland to marry in Edinburgh and although Sassenachs are particularly fond of the Scots).

What made Britain great is the combination of the skills of very talented, and often quirky people, whom this site celebrates. We hope to tell you a little about who these people were, what they did and where they lived but we are also acutely aware that there is always more to learn.

So If you think that Bonnie Prince Charlie hid in your garden on the way back from Culloden, or a relative of yours knows that Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton slept at their local pub, please drop us a line via the email address below. We never think we know everything and would always like to know more, as long as it is substantiated by an original source.

Anthony publishes other web titles from his company Striding Two.

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