Accommodation in Great Britain

Hotels and Bed and Breakfast accommodation is bookable in advance either direct, via the internet or through your local travel agency.

It can often be booked on that day via the local Tourist Information Office. If booking direct ask for any special rates to be had at weekends when prices are often cheaper in large cities.

Accommodation can also be cheaper out of season in the winter months. Room rates are usually quoted per person rather than per room and most will include breakfast. You will find however, that the most expensive hotels often do not include breakfast in their room rates. Other meals can be booked in advance.

Large hotel groups do not have a restriction about when they close their doors but you may find that smaller guest houses, especially in rural areas may lock their doors late at night (although many are now providing keys if you should want to return very late indeed).

Most rooms will have en suite facilities but not always so check what you are booking. The star rating for a particular hotel does not always mean that the room is of better quality than another of lower star rating but its high award may have been given for other facilities in the hotel such as leisure amenities (swimming pool, etc). Bookings will only be confirmed on payment of a deposit.

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