Societies for further study

Throughout British history societies have been formed to study further a particular topic or preserve a particular custom or way of life. People, places, countryside, wildlife, politics, art, science and culture all have groups working to enhance their knowledge and preserve their history. Many societies will gladly provide information or further reading lists. The first major society in the world was formed in the realm of King Charles the Second. The Royal Society of London was set up to encourage study in the fields of science and human understanding and has set a worthy precedent for many other bodies since. Blue plaques can be seen throughout the Country, but especially in London linking a particular person with a specific building or place. There are several Societies covering the Famous names in Britain Unlimited. Websites for some of them are shown below. Where there is a society for an individual the address is shown on the relevant page under further information.

The William Blake Society:
Bronte Parsonage Museum:
John Buchan Society:
Lewis Carroll Society:
William Cobbett Society:
Friends of Coleridge:
Elizabeth Gaskell Society:
Graham Greene Birthplace Trust:
Jerome K Jerome Society:
Marlowe Society:
The Shaw Society:
Tolkien Society: Tolkien Society
H.G. Wells Society: H.G. Wells Society
Oscar Wilde Society: Oscar Wilde Society
Virginia Woolf Society:
Wordsworth Trust:

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